AKB48 Memes

Welcome to SDB48’s AKB48 meme section. Where we place our original homemade, fresh from the oven, AKB48 memes.

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          Saturday – May 9, 2015


ParuListens2 sdb483 sdb482 sdb481 MM1 sa1

 Monday – May 4, 2015

shockedmayuyu1 threateningyui2 threateningyui1deepinthoughtmeru2 notsureyuko

 Friday – May 1, 2015

satisfiedsakura1 satisfiedsakura2 satisfiedsakura5satisfiedsakura4 satisfiedsakura3

 Wednesday – April 29, 2015


shockedparuruisshocked1 oshirisisters2 oshirisisters1Murashigelifelesson1 merumioMJ5 madmadharupp1ikojimakobeg1 Wrongmoveyuko1


Tuesday – April 28, 2015


Thuglifeakiyoshi4 Thuglifeakiyoshi3 Thuglifeakiyoshi2Thuglifeakiyosh1i IMG_2358


Monday – April 27, 2015


Sadlifeparuru5 Sadlifeparuru4 Sadlifeparuru3Sadlifeparuru1 Sadlifeparuru2

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