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SDB48 is a combined effort of Jisei and Zweimac in their growing interest on Japanese Idols. From watching Idol related videos to reading Idol related articles and even attending Idol related events, we bring you our experiences and thoughts on the growing popularity of Japanese Idols. We Aim to influence you or simply entertain you as we attempt to bring you news and information in a way unlike any other.


Its in English! Like the few Japanese Idol blog sites outside Japan our posts will most likely be understood by 98% of the our target audience (the 2 percent of course are the people who happens to stumble upon the site but doesn’t know how to read english, you may question the likelihood of the possibility of that happening but believe it or not It can happen) Your progress in filling your mind with everything under the AKB Universe would  expand immensely. Unless of course you know everything that there is to know about AKB, its sister groups and the rival groups in which case Teach Us your ways ご主人様! To keep it simple we made this with the thought of sharing our interest with you, our readers. Whether you are an old AKB fan or you are just starting out feel free to quench your thirst for the wonderful world of Japanese Idols.


Our Oshimen

     Jisei                                  Zweimac


280px-NakanishiChiyori2014Shuffle280px-TakajoAkiB2014 280px-KawaeiRina2014Shuffle280px-YokoyamaYuiK2014

280px-MiyazakiMihoK2014280px-KomiyamaHaruka42014 280px-WatanabeMayuB2014加藤玲奈


280px-TaniMarikaE2014                                                      280px-TakayanagiAkaneKII2014


280px-TomonagaMioKIV2014                                                      280px-KodamaHarukaH2014

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