The aftermath of the Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Okay~ 2 weeks after AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo where a lot of fans cheered, cried and for some almost died. We here at SDB48 are unsatisfied with the results… at first. Now we realized that it was all expected. You may not know it. But for sure you have felt it.

AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyou was a blast and I am glad that my Oshimen’s rank actually got boosted up compared to last year’s sousenkyo. But enough talk about the event that got everybody’s panties up in a bunch and lets talk about the effects after the Sousenkyou.
Since there are so many things that the Sousenkyou made, lets take a look at the 3 trending things that came shortly after.


If you haven’t already heard, Kato Rena has her own personal Sousenkyou where she ranks 16 members for personal reasons. Aki-P said that he will be making a song for the members of Renacchi Sousenkyou. The list goes as follows:


Yes! Once again Tano and her abs make an appearance in All Night Nippon.




If you haven’t already heard then this would be huge shocker to you. Rena is leaving AKB48 by the end of August. Everyone of us isn’t ready for this. It makes me sad every time I think about this. What happens after that? I suggest we invest in someone that’s seemingly long term. Either from HKT48 since they have the fewest graduated members, and there is Team 8. But rena will never be replaced.rena


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