A Documentary of AKB48 by their fans

Hello and Welcome to SDB48 one of hundreds of sites on AKB48. AKB48 documentaries come and go giving fans of the idol group an in depth look on their highly favored idols. Now the time has come as the fans come together to make a documentary for AKB48.


Documentaries are films which you as the audience, learn something about the featured topic. What with all these AKB48 films, seeing their experiences, Crying, Laughing and getting to know more of them are maybe a good way to start up a conversation with another fan but lets be honest since you’ve watched the documentary chances are that person have also already watched that documentary. Real conversation starts when fans share their experiences and tell their stories.

FAN48 is bringing you the next best thing! A documentary of AKB48 by their fans.


. . .  and we are proud to announce that SDB48 will be participating in the documentary! Now Enough with the formalities because I am so excited I’m just going to type about my thoughts on the matter. Well first I do love documentaries, From the documentaries on the peaceful province of Satoyama to the shocking events detailed in the Documentaries on Serial killers, I watched them from time to time and now that I have a chance to be making my own, well even if its a short time, I will see to it that it is entertaining and informative. Both members of SDB48, Jisei and Zweimac are given 5 minutes each so we are planning to make a 10 minute take on AKB48. SO MANY IDEAS ARE FLOWING IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW. All I need to do is organize the script, arrange the set, get people to be my cast and crew and we can get started!

Basically this is a tell all segment, How we first got into AKB48. Oh how I wanted to make a VTR on how we got started on AKB48 so much that … that… well i’m a loss for words at the moment but you get the point. Anyway wish us luck and please check out FAN48 for all the updates.




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