From SKE Idol to AV Idol, Momoka Kito is to Debute this June!

Haha! Hello and Welcome to SDB48 one of hundreds of sites on AKB48 and its rival Idol groups. Coming up, A former SKE48 member gears up as she takes on the wonderful world of  AV Industry (Adult Video). Here to say a few things are the two members of SDB48 Jisei and Zweimac at your service. MMNKT1 First things first, Details!

Now if you haven’t already read about it from top news sites then thank you for choosing SDB48. Momona Kito , 21 years old, was a member of SKE48 from 2009 and graduated during the April of 2014. This once innocent SKE48 Idol has now moved on from Pleasing fans Aurally to Pleasing fans Visually as she entered the Adult industry as an AV Idol. Joined SKE48 at 2009 forming Team KII. A year after she was demoted back to being a Research Student for a reason which I know not of. She returns to SKE48 on 2012 Joining Team S for a year then being transferred to Team E on 2013 and in this year she had a scandal by making out with some guy from the JPOP band, NEWS. Okay I’m just getting intel that this is not the 1st time she was caught making out with someone. So yeah on 2014 she was back in TEAM S but it didn’t last long because she graduated on April of 2014.

Now what inspired her to take up a career in the Adult Industry? MMNKT3 According to Our research here at SDB48 Momona kito, One of the Early members of SKE48 and having been in SKE48 for almost 5 years, Momona Kito didn’t stand out as much. Having a fan base composed of a few people, Momona Kito did not get ranked in the first 4 Senbatsu Elections. Which may have lead to her not participating in the 5th Senbatsu Election. She graduated SKE48 with her parting words “I have decided to get on with doing other things.”…”I made the decision to do what I want to do.”….”Please continue to support me, Kito Momona.” Despite her graduation not being completely unpredictable….fans and members still feel sad to see a comrade go. But upon seeing this news, we here at SDB48 feel like can'tbehelpedParuruShewantedtobeAnAVIdolParuruWaitAminuteParuruUWATParurumayuyudisapprovesAV from what we can see here, Unpopular, gets in trouble by being with guys and so at some point she was like “F*ck this” and decided to be an AV Idol. MMNKT2If you are interested in supporting Momona Kito with her latest project, SDB48 will in fact support her even though we just knew about her as of today. Hey did you notice that by her joining the Adult Video Industry she became more popular? It is because of the fact that she came from SKE48. Good for her right? If she wasn’t making it as an SKE48 member then she moved on and used being a member of SKE48 as a leverage to get her more attention. Anyway if you are interested please click this linked image here.



HD 4.9GB

Also don’t forget to check out Marvel’s Daredevil, Its awesome as FCK.


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