The New Face of AKB48

Hello and Welcome to SDB48 one of thousands of AKB48 related sites. Who else thinks that nobody in AKB48 had actually succeeded Maeda Atsuko? We sure think so. Willing to find out who we think has a shot at being the new face of AKB48? Well click on this title and check it out!



I want you to think about the previous faces of AKB48, I’m talking about the ones that actually unified fans into having that one similar oshi to rule them all. Now I want you to think about the current AKB48 members all 260+ of them. Does any of them have the potential to be the new face of AKB48? Yes? let me help you make up your mind. The answer is No.



Why no? Look closely at those already at the top 15 members. Heck look at the top 30. Now what do they have in common? They have the potential to be first, First at what? Different things. We have Sashihara Rino popping up on TV programs, We have Kojiharu showing up in crap-tons of magazines, Takamina on the Radio, Mayuyu on Drama and many many more. Truthfully they are all number one but it all comes down to the votes. Is being number one turns you into the face of AKB48? For me I don’t think so. So Think about it, Think about your oshimen. Do you think she could sit on the throne where Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko once sat on? 123

I’ll tell you who my Oshis are. First is Tomonaga Mio, Second is Tani Marika, Third is Miyazaki Miho, Fourth is Takajo Aki and Fifth is Nakanishi Chiyori. I adore them all so much but I’ll tell you this. I don’t see it happening for them to become the people’s oshi. We, SDB48 have talked about this and accepted that our oshis won’t be the new face of AKB48. Why? Comparison, Lets have the former Faces as the basis of what it is to be the face of AKB48. Now like a check box Compare and contrast a member with Maeda and or Yuko. Okay done?

What do you think they have that made them who they are?


Uniqueness. True enough all 300+ members have something unique about themselves. Now since everyone is kind of unique and interesting they become normal Idols. Their Uniqueness is now something that you got to have something required to be a member of AKB48. Now I want you to search for someone that stands out even more from the sea of members that are already standing out.  Who might that be you ask? We actually have 2 candidates for this.

Miyawaki Sakura and Shimazaki Haruka. Do you want to know why? well of course you do. Lets start with Shimazaki Haruka.

Now her case started a few years ago when she first came into the AKB48 scene. Sure she was at the back why with all the brighter lights shining in front of her, Maeda, Yuko, Shinoda, Mayuyu etc. Ever heard of AKB48 members who fans claim are the best when it comes to handshake events because they treat the fans so nicely and godly as they call it. There was one who was different from the others, that is where she gets her name Salt. Apparently she has this Salty expression during handshake events which when she was asked about it she didn’t intend to be salty that’s just how she looked. She also said along the lines of her trying her best to not seem salty by interacting more but the fans just took it as her signature salty approach. Truth be told she can be pretty at times and kawaii all the time which is now making her shine brighter than those shined before butdidn’t improve. Now Any average AKB48 fan knows her. She maybe not your oshimen but you know something is up.


Miyawaki Sakura, brave kid who always aims for the top, from melon pan lover to declaring that she’d surpass sashihara rino, Miyawaki sakura has seen the top and she wants it. Thus getting her the role in Majisuka Gakuen for where she plays as herself who aims to be at the top. There is something special about sakura. There is something about her that catches your attention and leave that imprinted in your mind. Again she might not be in your list of Oshimen but you can help but notice her as much.


Sadly this brings and end to this post. I’ll end it with my conclusion that you guys are thinking way to hard for the meaning of Majisuka Gakuen 4 or rather looking for Logic in the show when you should’ve looked at it in the perspective of each member working their way to the top. Yes sakura is still far away to be automatically be declared that she have surpassed takamina, Yuihan, Sayanee, Yukirin and Mayuyu… No but you will never know what will happen in the up coming months. Its all about the push. Look at whats happening to Paruru right now. The moment the spotlight is on her what did they do?  they…. pushed.


4 Responses to “The New Face of AKB48”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Re: “one similar oshi to rule them all.”
    I’m nominating Yukirin to take on the role of Frodo there Mr. Tolkien


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