Kojimako: Resistance is Futile

Hello and Welcome to SDB48 one of thousands of sites featuring AKB48. How many of you have Kojimako as your oshimen? good good do you remember how it started? I bet I have a theory.


Before anything else this post is actually a part 2 of a post on challenging you to resist Kojimako‘s appeal. So I encourage you to check the original post first by clicking this link right here | AKB48wrapup | I didn’t make that first post by the way but If i was blogging over at AKB48WrapUp, I’d be so freaking happy.

Back already? Didn’t care to check out the original post? Whatever! Let the Mako-thon BEGIN!

Can you make it through these adorable Kojimako pics without Oshihenning? SDB48 version!


IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2395 IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2408 IMG_2407



IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2401 IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2414 IMG_2404


Partner Shots!

IMG_2416 IMG_2410 IMG_2409 IMG_2359IMG_2357




Hahahaha Kawaii~

IMG_2389So if you’ve checked all of these out Mako’s ranking in your personal AKB48 member list went up. I don’t know, probably. If not then there is something severely wrong with you I’m kidding. But come on right, You have got to admit that she now has your attention. There are more to Kojimako that will make you smile for me the pictures of her beside a picture of an otter having that same lip curve is quite kawaii to the point that it inspired me to make this post. Hopefully I could do this with other members. Thanks for reading.


One Response to “Kojimako: Resistance is Futile”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    The “otter frown” is interesting because little Kojima is usually smiling.

    In fact, she may have the most interesting smile in show business. I love how Mako smiles when performing. She looks happy, that make me happy.

    Sculptures should should be erected of her all over Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

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