What non-AKB48 Fans doesn’t understand about AKB48 and its fans

Hello and welcome to SDB48, One of thousands of sites regarding AKB48. Normally I’d ignore these people. Don’t know why many people like AKB48? Fine but do not go around and describe AKB48 members and its fanbase from your perspective.


Hello fellow AKB48 fans and to you who is just curious. I came across this site www.thejapanguy.com a while back and he posts some really interesting stuff. For fellow Japan Enthusiasts Its a fun site where you can learn about things you probably would have never known. But one post suddenly got placed on my desk today which made me cringe just from reading the title which is:

Can Japanese pop group AKB48 get any faker? Why…YES… actually.

Now I can only imagine my fellow AKB48 fans making the same face I made when I saw this title. It is by far the thing that angers me the most, within the topic of AKB48 of course. I could have defended AKB48 by commenting on this post but  viewing or commenting on it actually promotes the post so I decided to retaliate with a post of my own. Also there is no need for me to pile on the defensive comments as you can see right there there are already tons of AKB48 fans rushing to aid the pride of fellow AKB48 fans.112

Now lets be clear. This post is like 4 years old. Which means its in the Maeda Atsuko era where AKB48 members are pushing themselves hard to be recognized and around that time have made an impression and is in fact the hype back in 2011. Unfortunately no matter how old this post is, it doesn’t change the fact that many people still thinks like this around this time. “There is no Variety in their songs”, “I’m not into cutesy, tunes”, “They are fans because they fantasize abou-“. Man shut the hell up. 113

Rather than explaining what you can read from google let me introduce how I became a fan of AKB48. To make it clear I was a fan of anything since I was a kid. From Anime, to Culture, to Language, to Songs then comes Japanese Drama Series. After watching a few with English subtitles I came across a show called Majisuka Gakuen. Yes the very first season of Majisuka Gakuen that intrigued me because of its unique and utterly exciting plot and that’s the first time I met AKB48 without knowing of course that they are AKB48. Naturally I’d pick my favorite actress and look her up on the internet and realized there is a Whole new perspective I can see her with. Then came AKBingo!, a variety show where you get to get to know AKB48 members better, and the songs came thereafter. 116

So my point is if you are checking out AKB48 for their songs you are only experiencing 15% of AKB48. The songs aren’t what AKB48 is all about. It is about the members, the Idols. They start out as equal but your role as the fans/supporters, is to give the member of your choosing a push and see her grow and be better! And for me that is what being an AKB48 fan is all about. Songs? they are a bonus, and this guy probably heard one or 2 songs. What about the unit songs? and does he even understand Japanese? Some of these songs are pretty deep man. 115

Igfgnterested in recruiting your friend to be an AKB48 fan? make him meet the girls, strongly recommend AKBingo! Once any person picked an oshimen I will go on and on and on until he/she is one of us. One of us! One of us! One of us! To the ones that still think AKB48 doesn’t appeal to them. That is because you are looking at a wrong perspective. Akimoto Yasushi writes their songs and it has reached 700+. AKB48 are about the members with/ without talent. You want bands that started out because they have talent? go see Nogizaka46. 

3 Responses to “What non-AKB48 Fans doesn’t understand about AKB48 and its fans”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    You go guy!

    That “www.thejapanguy.com” sounds like a real dork-smoker.

    There is no reasoning with these creatures.

    For one thing, music like beauty — is subjective, and really can’t be measured. Sometimes I try to find out what type of music an AKB hater likes. When I find out I think “oh” …

    For example, one douche complained that she thought all AKB48 songs “song the same” but you know what she liked: Ready? … You sure … OK she likes …American Rap.

    The genre that IS all the same, in fact, rap is all one stupid song. Am I wrong?

    If AKB48 and the sister groups did not make me SO BLISSFULLY HAPPY, and so full of ZEN-LIKE COMPASSION — I would @$%^ their %^*874 to $#())_(

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jisei says:

      That is true.
      Hmmm rap. Well there are some rap songs that gets me pumped up for stuff you know but not all rap songs sounds good to me. Have you also read what he said? “How can a group having that many members be called a band?” he said. Uhm a record breaking one? right! AKB48 is in Guinness World Records so they got that going for them 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Denny Sinnoh says:

        I’m the wrong generation to ever like rap. You go ahead and enjoy what other young people listen to. Especially at a dance. If you are going to ask a young woman to dance don’t worry about the soundtrack.

        Liked by 1 person

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