10 Days in Japan: Day 1

Hello Everybody! from the title of this post alone you must be thinking I went to Japan. YES! Yes I did! from April 1 to April 10 I was taken by the Sights and Sounds of Japan! Let me share my day by day experience with you.

APRIL 1: Shinagawa


IMG_1378I arrived at Japan’s Narita Airport around 17:00/5pm. From the plane window I saw Japan, My dream land for the first time. It was cloudy. As the plane landed, my eyes caught a glimpse of Sakura trees from the distance. It made me excited, really excited. As soon as all the Airport stuff is out of the way I finally stepped out and felt the chilling cold of Japan. I wanted to kiss the ground, fortunately I resisted and didn’t look like a weirdo. I took a Limousine Bus to Shinagawa where I stayed for the first 2 days. After getting settled I headed out to experience the Night in Japan.

It was Cold, really cold. I headed out to the train station where I struggled looking for directions. Then comes the buying of Suica card which was needed to keep you riding from station to station. Once i reached my destination I was overwhelmed with wonder as I saw the beauty of the sakura trees lined up infront of me. People are everywhere taking pictures. Around this time I got pretty hungry and would really like to taste first hand the japanese food which I long craved. Every restaurant was full. By the time I found some almost empty shops they we’re already closing. It was just 8pm. Surprisingly they close early. It started to drizzle, followed by chilling winds that made my body temperature drop. I saw a coffee shop across the street and had my dinner there. Some small pizza and coffee. Then back to the cold I go.

IMG_1395 IMG_1384

I decided to go back to the hotel and call it a day. “No wait, shinjuku probably has some night life. I’ll check it out” I said to myself. I headed for shinjuku via taxi. The Taxi dropped me of at the famous Hachiko place where The dog, Hachiko’s statue stood. It was majestic as it was shrouded with Sakura trees. I walked across the Pedestrian lane to a starbucks/ music store where I first saw AKB48,SKE48,NMB48 and HKT48 Albums. I thought they we’re too expensive and thought i could get it for a cheaper price in other stores so I just grabbed a coffee to keep me warm and proceeded to explore outside. Still not satisfied with my small dinner I entered a random Ramen Shop. It was the first Ramen Shop I’ve entered. Got to use the vending machine to place my order for the very first time. I was happy. The girl working there was pretty. Well for me she Is I wanted to tell her by practicing the few Japanese phrases I know but yeah I didn’t. After eating I headed outside and it got really cold. It was around 12am now and almost everything is closed. I walked in search for some stores but every where I go only the 24 hour ramen shops are open and some sushi places but I was too full to try them all out.

IMG_1407 IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1419


Finally i arrived at an open Store. They seem to be selling everyday needs and have 6 floors to explore.Floor 1 is for souvenirs and women’s makeup and things. Floor 2 seems to be Household stuff. Floor 3 are gadgets and the rest I didn’t check out. After checking out everything I found interesting I decided not to buy anything on the first day well technically its the 2nd day since I made it past 12am but you get the point. So I headed back to the hotel. The taxi fare cost be around 3850 Yen from Shinjuku to Shinagawa.

And that’s the end of the first day in Japan. Hope you like reading about it. Make sure to read the following posts it gets better and better.


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