Foreign AKB48 fans are more updated than Local AKB48 fans?

Hello and Welcome to SDB48 one of thousands of AKB48 related sites. Did you ever wonder what if you we’re an AKB48 fan and you live in Japan where you can access all the AKB48 things and see all the AKB48 stuff? Of course you have! Here’s a post about what you are missing out as well as what the Fans living in Japan are missing out. Lets get started!

Untitled-1-Recoveredhonmayan000Japan the ultimate hub for everything AKB48. From merchandise to seeing AKB48 live it is indeed the better option than having experienced AKB48 from the limits of your Screen. But does that make it any better than the other? Of course it does I just said so. With hundreds of AKB48 information traveling as fast as a click of a button do you think you have a chance of having a better knowledge than those who see AKB48 up close and personal? YES YOU COULD BE!

For 5 days in Japan I was circling around the AKB48 Hub, meeting local AKB48 fans and having a look at all the tumblr_inline_n7ezgorjTY1rz5gnfmerchandise which I should tell you know, you need to have lots of money. Did you know a signed Miyawaki Sakura Pic can go as high as 98000yen? Jesus. Anyway lets leave that for later. So with everything in easy access, AKB48 Cafe&Shop, Don Quijote Building, Hobby stores, AKB48 event participations. Local Fans are quite occupied with such things that we as foreigners could only hope to join. So there I was having discussions with Local AKB48 fans. Now from what I have observed, what they know, you know. What you don’t know however is how things go about there because you have no experience.

Here comes the fun part, thanks to the internet and outsourcing people we get access to these expensive DVD’s for vlcsnap-2015-02-21-18h14m23s101free. You couldn’t have watched all 400 something episodes of AKBingo! from your TV, during its air time. No If you live in Japan you may have no time to be watching AKBingo! every single time. Sheez you have work in the morning or school to go to. That’s not true for all cases. Foreign Fans gets to grab and download any show and watch it with their own pace. So example one. AKB48’s collaboration with WORLD ORDER. You know the guys that do awesome robot dances. Yes well apparently the akb48 fans i’ve met didn’t know it existed. Because they might have became AKB48 fans recently maybe 2-3 years ago.

As a foreign AKB48 fan recent or not we will have the same amount of experience whether you like it or not. Since wevlcsnap-2015-02-09-14h16m02s16 are bound by one source, the internet. But i’d pick experience over information anyday. Damn what I wouldn’t do to shake Tani Marika’s hand. But seriously though you as a Foreign fan you can be an AKB48 fan with the knowledge of a fan who was a fan of AKB48 since 2006. Do not mistake that i am stating that Only we can have such luxury. In fact there are some AKB48 fans which have both, Experience and Knowledge. They have internet too but those must be the hardcore WOTAs. Trust me you do not want to be a hardcore wota. You’d want to be in that safe line between Fan and just a normal person.

To end this inquiry, Each faction has its own perks but of course having experience is better. Having that more knowledge about AKB48 than the Local fans will in fact lets you keep up with conversations, and since you know a lot you can amaze them by showing them akb48 content they have never seen before. Balance, that’s all there is to it.

here is me with my new friends at the AKB48 Cafe Theater 🙂 me in the middle IMG_2129

3 Responses to “Foreign AKB48 fans are more updated than Local AKB48 fans?”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    That’s one good lookin’ crew!


  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    It would be better in Japan of course. Although there there are probably a lot of non-music fans who do not like AKB because of overexposure.

    You really have to dig to be an American fan. Also the imports can be pterry expensive when you factor in shipping.

    Also in Japan you can go in a Seven-eleven store and buy things like a bag of potato chips with Mayuyu’s picture on them — you lucky b8st8rds.!


    • Jisei says:

      haha not only because of overexposure, but there are like a thousand idol groups to place your interest on. But of course not all of those get as much exposure. Oh and hey! thanks for checking out our posts! We appreciate it ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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