AKB Discussion #8

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the 8th AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^

 [NOVEMBER 2014]

2much4yah: what ske show are you watching?
Jisei: Ske48 Ebisho! Im looking for SKE48 ebi friday night

2much4yah: well one of my ske oshi candidates is apparently graduating
2much4yah: Yamada Nana, she’s kennin to SKE though and originally NMB

Jisei: Aw its maeda all over again
2much4yah: lol not really, it’s just that she’s one of the few people that I know who’s in a sister group and not in AKB
Jisei: Oh
Jisei: Wait does this mean i surpassed you in member expansion??!!!
2much4yah: lol if in number of oshi maybe yes
2much4yah: i just dont want to decide yet and find that there’s not lot of shows featuring them
2much4yah: hard to oshimen a member when they don’t even appear that much, for people not in Japan at least

2much4yah: i want to watch their shows first at least
Jisei: No i mean like knowing more members
2much4yah: btw where’d you find out about the iwate incident

Jisei: Anyway i read stuff
Jisei: Then icame by it

2much4yah: well you haven’t watched majisuka gakuen 3 yet, so i doubt you know some of the old Team 4 like Abe Mariya, Shimada Haruka, Ichikawa Miori, Yamauchi Suzuran, Oba Mina, Takeuchi Miyu. Iriyama Anna, Kawaei and Paruru were old Team 4 too. There were some SKE there like Kizaki Yuria, she’s AKB now though.
Jisei: Yeah i guess your right
2much4yah: with takamina graduating, it’s only a matter of time before kojima and minegishi graduate too
2much4yah: there’s rumors that sashihara is also close to graduating
Jisei: Nooo
Jisei: What
Jisei: Hhmm why does that make me uncomfortable?
2much4yah: there’s also post about akimoto yasushi looking for a successor
2much4yah: ah..times are changing…. i feel so old all of a sudden
Jisei: well
Jisei: we are certainly younger that the ones that are really into AKB
2much4yah: actually there are a lot of young female akb fans in japan
Jisei: lets call us the 15th gen of fanboys
2much4yah: this could be our moteki
Jisei: hahaha
Jisei: how young like 12?
Jisei: xD
2much4yah: lol no like near 20s
2much4yah: our age
Jisei: oh i thought we are gonna have moteki with 12 year old girls
Jisei: thats gonna be like Pedo Series of the year

Jisei: oh yeah by the way when I find any of your Oshi and i ask for an autograph how do you want it written? To Mac? to Mark?
2much4yah: I want it to say ganbatte maku in hiragana
2much4yah: hha
Jisei: ayt
Jisei: cuz i thought maybe you wanted like Makucchi or Makkun
2much4yah: lol
Jisei: or ferikusu
2much4yah: ma-ku like with the dash in katakana might also be good
Jisei: or Ma-kyun
Jisei: if i get the chance imma record Mayu addressing you as Ma-kyun
Jisei: I wish i could meet chiyori, but shes kinda big in the AKB scene so its almost imposible
2much4yah:  Specially with her gui-gui character 

Jisei: crap low bat.. switching to pc
2much4yah: lol
Jisei: you know its funny… komi is more popular however Tani has more participation
2much4yah: the push is strong in this one
2much4yah: i dunno haha management is responsible for the push
Jisei: thats just it
Jisei: she just started getting noticed a little this year
Jisei: cuz in Ebisho she and another unpopular member got dragged into a amazing race predicament
Jisei: where they got pulled to the top most part of japan and they have to go back to SKE theatre
Jisei: they were in blind fold the whole way to the north
Jisei: then they have to hitch hike all the way
Jisei: and note they arent even known
Jisei: so people just pass them by ingoring
2much4yah: i saw the feature pic of that ep on myaidol
Jisei: when night came almost everyone was like sorry can’t let you stay
2much4yah: but Tani has been performing longer and is practically Komi’s senpai if you consider the date when they joined.
: you know i think its because Tani was with Kaori and thats when she got prettier cuz like she is next to someone less-pretty
2much4yah: lol
Jisei: oh right haha and i found out that Kaori is a LIFETIME HONORARY SKE Kenkyusei!
Jisei: im like is that really possible?
2much4yah: I don’t know what that’s all about, but she kinda volunteered to do it from my understanding
Jisei: Oh
Jisei: cool
Jisei: thats like saying I don’t need yo teams i gots mah own
Jisei: also im looking at her profile now and wow Undergirls center at the 6th senbatsu election
Jisei: wow
2much4yah: 6th is this year?
Jisei: June 7 2014
Jisei: yeah
2much4yah: I really wish Mayuyu gets 1st again next year.

7 Responses to “AKB Discussion #8”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    (breaking in to the conversation) Will Takamina be the last of the first gen girls to graduate? Kojiharu and Miichan will have to graduate, then Takahashi can bow out as leader and the last of her generation.


  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    (breaking into conversation) Mako Kojima will be elected #1 in 3 years. Remember I predicted it.


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