Seriously?! Majisuka Gakuen 4

Hey, guys it’s me Mac. As you all may or may not know, it was announced last November 2014 that there will be a 4th season to the much loved AKB48 dorama “Majisuka Gakuen” which will start airing this January 2015.


Continuing from the first two seasons, the story will again be a school setting and double center dorama. Different from the 3rd season which was set in a juvenile prison. However, the announcement did not mention anything about the cast and ever since then there have been many speculations.

Now earlier today on an AKBingo Special, the main cast was finally announced!!
B6W5kN_CUAAYWcI.jpg large

Takahashi Minami – Minami
Miyawaki Sakura – as herself

Rappappa’s Buchou (President)
Shimazaki Haruka – Salt (Soruto)

Rappappa’s Shintenou (Four Heavenly Kings)
#1Yokoyama Yui – Otabe
#2Kawaei Rina – Bakamono
#3Iriyama Anna – Yoga
#4Kizaki Yuria – Magic (Majikku)

1st Year Strongest Combi
Kojima Mako
– Kamisori
Owana Nana – Zombie

2nd Year Team Hinabe
(Hot Pot)
(Leader)Takahashi Juri – Uonome
Kato Rena – Dodobusu
Oshima Ryouka – Kusogaki
Mukaichi Mion – Jisedai
Uchiyama Natsuki – Kenpou

Rival School
Yamamoto Sayaka – Antonio
Watanabe Miyuki – Kobii
Suda Akari – Tsurishi
Tani Marika – KY
Matsumura Kaori – Zakobosu

The names of each character are usually derived from something about the member. Maybe you know where some of the names came from?

Takamina is the boss of restaurant named Asobina. Comes from the Japanese saying ‘Asobi na Asobi na’ that basically means to take it easy and have fun. Takamina regularly says this to her kouhai when they ask for advice.
As expected of soukantoku.

Paruru’s name Salt comes from her reputation of giving salty reactions or treatments to fans during handshake events. LOL from Season 2 Team Fondue to Rappappa President.

Yuihan’s name Otabe(also her previous character on Majisuka 2) comes from Otabe a shop in her hometown, Kyoto.

Ricchan’s name Bakamono comes from baka(stupid) bakemono(monster). In a Mechaike episode on 2013, Ricchan was crowned as Baka-Center.

Naanya’s name Zombie probably from her being the lead of another J-Dorama Sailor Zombie

Ryooka’s name Kusogaki means annoying kid. Ryooka along with Kawaei Rina, Takahashi Juri and Tano Yuka were called KSGK by other AKB members as a joke.

Marika’s name KY comes from the Japanese term KY talk or ‘kuki yomenai’ which basically means ‘can not read the air’. Because of her gui-gui character she acts inappropriate at times.

That’s all that I know from the names. If you know the reasons behind the others, pls share and leave a comment. 😀
–Yamamoto’s Antonio might be a reference to the wrestler with the large chin, Antonio Inoki.

I’m looking forward to watching this when it comes out. I’m also excited for the original song they’re going to make for it as the past ones have been really cool. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with the trailer.

(Update) – Relationship Chart
Credit: Kome48
– Photos

TEAM HINABE Source: Takahashi Juri (Google+)



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