Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! Its a day late but I’m still into the holiday spirit so why not right? Anyway feel free to read the rest of the post if you are interested.

So this Christmas Vacation I’m not at my usual place, I’m out of town! that means no Photoshop! aw~ I do love making the graphics for each post but around this time I cannot do so. But that doesn’t mean that can stop me from posting! actually it can. how long has it been since my last post? 10 days? wow. Hmm Mac was supposed to post stuff like there are 3 posts at on draft idk why he doesn’t fix em.

This holiday vacation is going great so far. I’ve eaten at a number of restaurants that serves Japanese cuisine and oh my god! you guys its really yummy. Have you tried Black roasted Onion Ramen. Okay I forgot what the actual name of the ramen i ate was called but it has black and roasted in it and true enough you get a whiff of something burnt but the taste doesn’t taste like something was burnt its actually quite tasty!

Of course traveling from place to place is boring specially with the traffic nowadays due to the holidays. Malls are Jam-packed! Which is why, to pass the time, I’ve managed to sync to my phone episodes 9-125 of AKBINGO! yep I’ve been watching and I managed to make it to episode 125. Completing that, I realized something. I managed to know more about AKB48 than I did by reading facts online. It was quite amazing! I’ve said I’ve watched Majisuka Gakuen before and that’s what got me hooked on AKB48 right? well after getting to know the idols from the very beginning I can surprisingly tell who each member is from the show and why she has that nickname! its the little things like these that makes me like AKB48 even more.

Moreover,  Oshimen is a word which is used often thus having a variety of intensity of its meaning. For example I picked KomiHaru because I liked her smile. Its the lowest level of oshimen, First Impression Declaration. During my marathon of AKBingo! Episodes I’m glad to announce MY REAL OSHIMEN. Now when I say REAL OSHIMEN it means that She grew on me. Like, I got to know her better. It is true to never judge a book by its cover, true enough my first impression of this girl was not good for in the early stages of my growing fandom i found her to be annoying but everything changed…

…when the fire nation attacked! Only the avatar master of all fou-

errr… sorry my mind went elsewhere. She was introduced to me and her name was tainted for she had a scandal which was a big deal! she got demoted to a research student and she shaved her head, mocked and scorned by fans and MCs she fought her way through shame and demotion. she never gave up though. Her efforts soar up in the sky and to me thats really admirable. She does her best in everything she does from the very beginning. She is MINEGISHI MINAMI! yes you read it right! I am a fan of Minegishi now! I admire her and I will join the people that are raising her up while many many others chose to pull her down.


though i really like Tani Marika but she already have so much people pulling her up. And thought i really like KomiHaru she continues to be in the background and well not doing much.

Go Team Minegishi!


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