AKB Discussion #7

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the third AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^

– “I Takahashi Minami, on December 8th 2015, will graduate from AKB48.
(2014/12/8 AKB48 Theater 9th Anniversary)

Jisei: so i read takamina will graduate next AKB aniversary
2much4yah: yeah
Jisei: somehow I kinda don’t want her to leave AKB48
2much4yah: me too, but she’s been in AKB for 10 years and has done so much already
2much4yah: It makes me think that Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami are close to graduating as well.
2much4yah: I hope they’ll still continue No Sleeves
Jisei: I’ve also read about the Iwate incident
Jisei: poor kawaei
Jisei: idk who the other one was
2much4yah: I haven’t read her speech for that yet
2much4yah: iriyama anna1
Jisei: yeah
Jisei: why aim for the center baka and the top 1 student?
2much4yah: lol dunno, because of that incident though handshake events have been heavily guarded
Jisei: you didn’t tell me
Jisei: that’s where u got Paruru is a lizard from
Jisei: i mean when i watched mechaike bakajo test
Jisei: i was like

2much4yah: lol yeah
2much4yah: i always thought she looked like a lizard before that though
Jisei: blah blah blah due to her salty expression she looks like a lizard then other guy comes in “A kawaii lizard
2much4yah: when he mentioned it, i was like “I was right”
Jisei: im like OMG that guy is me
Jisei: yeah
Jisei: and when that guy said A kawaii lizard
Jisei: i’m like
Jisei: I was right!


Jisei: always in the background
Jisei: no participations whatsoever
Jisei: i’m sorry but thats i think i have to change my Kami-oshi

2much4yah: lol I did say it’s hard to have an oshimen who doesn’t appear much.
Jisei: I have Tomonaga Mio at close second
Jisei: so i guess i’ll make her my new Kami-Oshi

Jisei: Komi will remain my Team 4 Oshi but i have to see improvements this year.
2much4yah: hha just like that?
Jisei: or shes out Okada Nana is in.


2much4yah: btw, is it just me or kimoto kanon and omori miyu kind of look similar. their pic in stage48 not so much but when you see them in shows and such
Jisei: Hmm idk kanon looks different in everything look at here during a performance then look at her during shows then pics totaly different
2much4yah: lol


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