SKE48 Ebisho! Episode 1

Welcome to SDB48 – One of the hundreds of sites featuring Japanese Idols. for a more recent feature we have SKE48 Ebisho! yay~ featuring of course SKE48. Still haven’t decided on an Oshimen at SKE48? then this is the show that’ll help you determine who you like best in SKE48.


First up is episode 1 as per usual now I’m kinda still around episode 7 of HKT48 no Goboten and thats was around the time when Tanaka was still in HKT48 it felt really weird seeing her in SKE48 Ebisho which means she got transfered? Hmmm i really gotta watch those election videos. Anyway They are doing something Quite the same here but with a different approach. The format is to introduce a Common Job and the show is gonna revolve around that theme episode 1 is being an Ama-san. truth be told I don’t know what that is yet. But based on the show it has something to do with the sea. Maybe a fisherman? Its kind of funny actually. I mean  boy these girls are really energetic. Not in a Cutesy way like HKT48 not as refined as AKB48 but SKE48 hmmm lets just say SKE48 and Jisei acts the same.


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