AKB Discussion #6

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the SIXth AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^


2much4yah: lol the AKB staff version of KFC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCNiY-j6VsI#t=41

2much4yah: you should do something like this as soon as you get to Japan, dance a bits and pieces at every landmark you go to while recording yourself dancing KFC
2much4yah: gonna keepvid this immediately lol
Jisei: wait imma watch the vid
Jisei: like KFC the restaurant?
2much4yah: koisuru fortune cookie
2much4yah: haha what the hell?
Jisei: oh
Jisei: hahaha i knew that

2much4yah: hha
Jisei: because I saw KFC then staff
Jisei: then I immediately thought KFC.. chicken place
Jisei: i have a problem
Jisei: im solo there
Jisei: no one to hold the camera
2much4yah: lol put on top of post or one of those newspaper boxes

Jisei: i got it
Jisei: i just need to grow some balls
Jisei: and memorize all of this

2much4yah: put it on top of your balls?
2much4yah: oh
Jisei: i’m planning to meet other people from stage48 there
Jisei: if i could find any
Jisei: and imma enthice them to join me do do a KFC dance move all over town
Jisei: if i find any… if not imma go look for other who will if i can’t then imma do it by myself in a dark alley
Jisei: there are some freestyle in the dance so thats nice

2much4yah は オンライン です。
2much4yah: do one inside a love hotel
2much4yah: that’s gonna be one of the landmarks
2much4yah: or scenes
Jisei: hahahah
Jisei: well thats easy to shoot
Jisei: but i’d waste like 6000 yen
Jisei: just to rent a room
2much4yah: go to one of those cheap ones where you can enter by yourself
Jisei: hhahaahha
Jisei: must grow some balls

Jisei: but i will do it
2much4yah: hha

Jisei: i’ll do KFC in a convinience store
Jisei: i’ll do one outside maybe 5 different schools
2much4yah: that’s gonna be like a meme, whenever someone asks us how to do THIS AND THAT. we be like. step #1 first you must grow some balls
Jisei: and and in maid cafes
Jisei: I’ll ask the waitresses to dance with me
2much4yah: it’s very dangerous to attempt this without first growing some balls
Jisei: hahaha
Jisei: step #2 do not drop them balls
Jisei: means do not chicken out in the middle of what you are doing

2much4yah: #3 never fart on someone’s balls
Jisei: means you never discourage someone attempting something

Jisei: step #4 believe in your balls
2much4yah: haha yeah exactly

Jisei: hahaha
2much4yah: it would be like step #8 before you actually start anything
Jisei: follow these steps and you’d be dating an Idol in no time… illegaly of course
Jisei: thats where the next lesson comes in

2much4yah: lol


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