AKB48 SHOW! Episode 4

In case you don’t know about the show or  didn’t know its existence well that’s where I come in. Don’t worry this isn’t a review… erm sort of… but I promise there’s a torrent ready to download and I’ll be seeding it for as long as I can.

So Welcome to SDB48  I am 1/2 of the members of SDB48 you can call me Jisei.



I’m guessing this is around the time when Minegishi makes a return from when she shaved her head and is now ready to re-join the group. Not quite sure but its apparently so. You can really learn a lot from watching AKB SHOW… well learning about AKB48 that is. In this episode they teach us about Elections more specifically how members are picked to appear on a song. Okay so well recently i’ve watched Mechaike Bakajo Test that features AKB right and Kawaei appearing in this episode of AKB show  with Hasute and Wasute i just remembered all the hilarious moments in the show and just laughed my ass off. Before that i was originally laughing at how the skit was painfully embarrassing i mean i’m watching and i’m the one feeling embarassed. At first I was intimidated from having to expand my Idol knowledge to the different teams I mean there are alot of members right? in SKE48 i’m glad I know one member but I know her has gekikara from Majisuka Gakuen it feels weird at the same time it doesn’t.

Proceed to the download Page in Hello-Online.org by clicking this image
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