AKB Discussion #5

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the 5th AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^


Jisei: dude
Jisei: stand up
Jisei: and try to reach your toes with your fingers
Jisei: you can’t right?
2much4yah: i can but not for very long
Jisei: try it again but say Funya Funya Funya as you are going down
2much4yah: lol is this from goboten?
Jisei: learned that from goboten
2much4yah: hha
Jisei: haha
Jisei: also you can grow 2 cm by lying down while kneeling for 3 minutes
Jisei: they tried it on NakoMiku and one of the hostsvlcsnap-2014-12-08-23h50m07s80
2much4yah: lol that doesn’t make sense
Jisei: NakoMiku got +0..5 but i think that’s because they didn’t stretch lying down
Jisei: but the small host grew
Jisei: Also I’ve decided
Jisei: Tomonaga Mio is my oshimen in HKT48

2much4yah: hha
2much4yah: after watching the 3rd Diva tournament, I’ve kind of grown to like Team 4’s Omori Miyu

Jisei: OOh nice but thats gonna change
Jisei: I felt the same i thought Okada nana was my team 4 Oshimen

2much4yah: But she’s not the usual type that I oshi to
Jisei: but then their singing was overtaken by komiharu’s smile

2much4yah: hha

Jisei: Holy Crap! Sakura Miyawaki just described what boy she likes and I fit the description
Jisei: is it too late to change oshimens?
2much4yah: lol
2much4yah: she’s hkt team KIV and AKB Team A
Jisei: shes team A now?
2much4yah: concurrent
Jisei: Oh
Jisei: whats KIV?
2much4yah: K roman numeral 4
2much4yah: 4th Team K
Jisei: so like 4th gen Team k?
2much4yah: AKB Team k is 1st, SKE team K is KII, JKT Team K is KIII, HKT Team K is KIV
Jisei: OH
Jisei: i got it, You learn something new everyday.
Jisei: nah i’ll stick with mio
2much4yah: what team is mio
Jisei: Team H in HKT48 also Team B in AKB48, she’s concurrent.
Jisei: OH wow
Jisei: this Miyawaki i thought she was just so-so
Jisei: but then they showed like the elections
Jisei: and has personally declared sashihara as her rival
Jisei: *clap *clap
2much4yah: she’s double center with mayuyu, she’s getting pushed alot

Jisei: she aims big
2much4yah: double center in kibouteki refrain

Jisei: holy crap its scary to have ohori as a girlfriend
2much4yah: hahaha
2much4yah: lol she’s 31 years old now for starters
Jisei: omg wow yeah this is like 2008
Jisei: whats she doing now?
Jisei: actress?
2much4yah: im sure i read somewhere she got married
Jisei: cool
Jisei: like that guy could say I married an AKB member
2much4yah: she’s in SDN48 along with Nachu i forgot when they graduated
Jisei: thats the dream
Jisei: hahaha ok i learned a new word
Jisei: Chinpo means penis
Jisei: why thank you AKB
2much4yah: lol don’t you watch hentai
2much4yah: they keep saying o-chinpo

Jisei: mac
Jisei: i know the difference
Jisei: between paruru then and paruru now
Jisei: paruru then rarely smiles Now she does 🙂
2much4yah は オンライン です。
2much4yah: she still doesn’t smile very often hha


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