HKT48 no Goboten Episode 2

What’s going on here? is it the same as AKBingo!? Is it the same as AKB48 Show!? the answers to both question is NO its definitely something else! In this show its the AKB48 sister group HKT48 which are the stars of the show! Its the show where you begin to wonder why the hell am I still not living in Japan right now?…. without further ado… screenshots!



Goboten episode 2! Guys, I just found my Oshimen in HKT48, its tomonaga Mio! hmm did you know shes also in AKB48 team B? apparently she is one of those Concurrent Members. That’s cool because I don’t have an Oshimen in team B yet. “Two birds one stone“. Anyway they didn’t visit a school today instead its a furniture center and wow they really met some interesting people, who else do you know who can do a hand stand at the age of 72? who else do you know who made 130 million yen at a part time job? who knew the magic words FUNYA FUNYA? all of these and more in this episode please watch it ^_^

Proceed to the download Page in by clicking this image
logo (1)

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