AKB Discussion #4

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the FOURTH AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^


Jisei: oh
Jisei: maeda in the morning 19 Atsuko Maeda in Phuket
2much4yah: hha
2much4yah: this was when she went overseas for a photobook, the attendant was asking whether she wanted tea but she was speaking english so acchan didn’t understand
Jisei: yeah
2much4yah: lol
Jisei: and wow
Jisei: wow mac
Jisei: wow
2much4yah: wo wo wo
2much4yah: why?
Jisei: you maeda fan you
2much4yah: lol
Jisei: like thats a real fanboy right there
2much4yah: im just saying, that I remember where that was from.
2much4yah: haha
Jisei: but you stepped in like that oh that yeah i saw that way before they shot that clip
Jisei: im like whoa
2much4yah: lol before they shot the clip? that would be creepy as hell
Jisei: haha
Jisei: you are the one true fanboy of maeda
2much4yah: and she was like 18? i would be sitting there and like a 15 yr old kid so out of place
Jisei: okay okay imma show u a maeda image and u tell me where its from123123
2much4yah: lol dfq, it’s impossible to tell
Jisei: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly9ohza4rs1qldlvro1_500.jpgtumblr_ly9ohza4rs1qldlvro1_500
2much4yah: no idea hha
2much4yah: or maybe its from their 200 ep of akbingo
Jisei: pshh your just saying that so that your maeda powers will not be exposed
2much4yah: cause they played give me five live there and said that they had to practice playing guitars
Jisei: behind-the-scenes photo of Acchan practising for their new song, Give Me Five –

Jisei: you are correct!!
2much4yah: give me five was already released before the 200 ep of akbingo,
2much4yah: so the pic was for the music video of the song
2much4yah: that’s the only song where acchan had to play guitar
Jisei: ok next one
Jisei: oh great Maeda Fanboy
Jisei: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/m0ssfet/24078044/21641/21641_640.jpg

2much4yah: Q10? i dunno
Jisei: pssshhh you know this mac
Jisei: say it!
2much4yah: that’s the only drama I know she was in when she was that young
Jisei: The second episode of ~Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~2011, starring Maeda Atsuko that aired on 17th July
Jisei: i guess that means more maeda for you
2much4yah: lol oh Ikemen, I saw this on one of her documentaries I thought it was q10
Jisei: dude
Jisei: dude
Jisei: these guys
Jisei: surpass your maeda fanboy level
Jisei: http://i.imgur.com/kZdxU.jpg

kZdxU (1)
2much4yah: HAHAHAHA
Jisei: i can’t stop laughing
2much4yah: they’re lucky I don’t live in Japan
Jisei: hahhahaha
2much4yah: hahahaha
2much4yah: is that the actually translation though
2much4yah: it says kawaii
2much4yah: maeda atsuko yori kawaii *something*hainai
Jisei: no not that
Jisei: the one with jesus in it
Jisei: the one in the blue box
Jisei: idk if thats really jesus
2much4yah: it’s mostly katakana so it must be foreign words
Jisei: but still that caption is funny tho
2much4yah: yeah hha i also love how they completely covered the other guys face with the blue text box
Jisei: hahahahaha
Jisei: i just noticed
Jisei: google in google images Atsuko Maeda surpassed jesus and look for the funny 2 pics
Jisei: it should be the first 4 pics
Jisei: in the first 4 pics
2much4yah: the moshi moshi pic?
Jisei: yea
Jisei: and beside that
Jisei: is dave

Jisei: hhaha
Jisei: da faq is dave
2much4yah: dfq hha dave but it’s a japanese dude
Jisei: hahhaha
2much4yah: how do they even pronounce dave
2much4yah: deibu
Jisei: deibu

2 Responses to “AKB Discussion #4”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Arguably, Acchan had more hits on Twitter than Jesus this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gisei says:

      hahahaha Zweimac is one of those hits. He’s a real Maeda fanatic. I’m planning to bring him back a Maeda T-shirt from Japan but he said he’s not gonna wear it in public xD


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