SDB4debate! : Was Atsuko Maeda, Akimoto’s Oshimen?

みなさんこんにちは!! Here is a new segment we’d like to call SDB4debate! get it because it sounds like 48?? No? Anyway in this section we focus on one topic and discuss with each other. Proving that our side is right In this post we have the topic “Was Atsuko Maeda, Akimoto’s Oshimen?” aaaand DEBATE!

: did maeda get alot of haters?

Zweimac: she’s always had alot of haters, because she’s was pushed a lot by akimoto to be center
Jisei: well you can’t blame akimoto if he has an oshimen its AKB its impossible not to have a favorite
Zweimac: It was more a cinderella type thing. I read somewhere Sashihara was his oshimen but there’s no proof of that

Jisei: what
Jisei: it doesnt feel like his oshimen is Sashihara
Jisei: Maeda was Akimoto’s Oshimen because well to put it simply in events pictures and they seem to bond well like best friends
2much4yah: if anything it would be Takamina

Jisei: Yes Takamina would be right now but back before Maeda graduated it was Maeda right?
2much4yah: Acchan was chosen to be center through the theatre manager’s recommendation when they started
2much4yah: also I think it’s one of those marketing strategies where you push a member so she gets hate/more attention and the topic would then be controversial and build up talk which would lead to more attention to AKB. 
2much4yah: All I’m saying, just because she was pushed doesn’t mean she was akimoto’s oshimen
Jisei: oh
Jisei: … hmm well that kinda ends it right there
Jisei: thats not much of a debate was it
2much4yah: the hell. The dog whisperer died?



2much4yah: oh it’s just a rumor on fb

See you again next time on SDB4debate.
only here on SDB48


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