AKB48 SHOW! Episode 3

In case you don’t know about the show or  didn’t know its existence well that’s where I come in. Don’t worry this isn’t a review… erm sort of… but I promise there’s a torrent ready to download and I’ll be seeding it for as long as I can.

So Welcome to SDB48  I am 1/2 of the members of SDB48 you can call me Jisei.


In this episode for those new to the AKB universe you’d get to hear the first song you’d love from SKE48! I still don’t have an Oshimen from SKE48 because its just so hard to choose! By the way this is where the skits really gets funnier. Wow, paruru in police uniform! for the skit it made me drop on the floor laughing. Also SKE? then HKT! first time hearing their song Melon Juice? you’ll love the dance that came with it. You could already imagine what melon juice taste like in Japan. I bet its better the melon juice in your country. Over at the lesson section of the show you get to learn about AKB48‘s sister groups, When they started, first members one basics at a time to get you up to date with the latest AKB happenings. Watch more AKB48 Show to learn more AKB48.

Proceed to the download Page in Hello-Online.org by clicking this image
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