HKT48 no Goboten Episode 1

What’s going on here? is it the same as AKBingo!? Is it the same as AKB48 Show!? the answers to both question is NO its definitely something else! In this show its the AKB48 sister group HKT48 which are the stars of the show! Where each member competes on who gets to be Goboten!! yay~ Yeah I have no Idea, but based on Stage48’s wikia description its HKT48‘s very own Variety Show and its quite hilarious to be frank. Not as entertaining as AKBingo! but I can put a smile on my face which means I like it. Since this is the first post of this category Here are some things which you will find in this post and other upcoming post in this series. Yes torrent will be available and I will be seeding as long as I can! but of course I go out during the day so I seed around night till morning. without further ado… screenshots!


Already there’s a lolicon on the show. HKT48 members visiting a school, checking out the local happenings and when there’s an opportunity there is always that one guy that tends to grab the opportunity and shows off. Seriously I already hate this guy. Show off people has a bad first impression for me I don’t know why. Oh look at those club varieties I wish my Highschool had those clubs I could join! Don’t get me started on the cafeteria I mean Highschools in Japan makes schools I’ve attended look like some cat’s litterbox. A little quiz back in studio as all Variety shows have standard stuff and finally a semi-funny skit. Well thats understandable it its after all the first episode. Sloppy I know but if I said everything then there is no point in watching this.

Proceed to the download Page in by clicking this image
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