AKB Discussion #3

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the third AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is entertaining.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^


Jisei: hmm you know every episode of AKB0:59 i watched. Kojima seems to be getting prettier
2much4yah: lol you gonna oshihen to her?
Jisei: no
Jisei: im just saying
Jisei: theres a lot of pretty members but not all of them are my oshi
2much4yah: oh yeah sure, I was just asking you know. cause you know… sometimes that’s how it starts 🙂
Jisei: hmmm lets see Komi started from her smile
Jisei: Chiyori because of her attitude
2much4yah: oh look, she’s Team A
2much4yah: poor Chiyori has a rival
2much4yah: haha
Jisei: Rie because she isn’t easy to forget or easily get mistaken for another member
Jisei: oh right and yuko for her looks
Jisei: so yeah that is possible for me
2much4yah: at the start I always mistook Kitahara Rie and Sashihara Rino
Jisei: my first every oshi is based from her looks
Jisei: Oh yeah and Sayaka in NMB for her voice and also she looks really pretty
Jisei: what
Jisei: how?
Jisei: they dont even look the sam— oh oh okay maybe just a little bit
2much4yah: look at their pic, plus their names also sound similar
2much4yah: the last name both ends with -hara, and their first names both start with R
Jisei: its the eyes
Jisei: good for me i havent gone far in HKT yet
Jisei: but i can distinguish the 2
Jisei: when fortune cookie first came out
Jisei: i didnt see sashihara as rie
Jisei: but yet now that im looking at them they does have some resemblance
Jisei: but i think Rie is more fun
Jisei: like if ever you went out with each of them you’d have more fun with rie than sashihara
2much4yah: I didn’t see them much before akbingo. from the documentaries I almost always mix up their names


Jisei: haha Narumi Koga in NMB has Helmet cut like Maeda
Jisei: not all the time
Jisei: but in her pic in stage 48 wiki
2much4yah: lol that already makes them impossible for me to oshimen
Jisei: what
Jisei: why
2much4yah: like paruru the first time I saw her
Jisei: i thought u like helmet cuts
2much4yah: yeah but after acchan.. it’s not the same anymore haha
Jisei: hahaha
Jisei: wait paruru had helmet cut?
Jisei: hmmm
2much4yah: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UjIcSc_o7w0/UTZ3dD35aGI/AAAAAAAABK8/8QGG7VqfzyE/s1600/tumblrme2fx2r5yb1rzjk10.jpg
Jisei: its not the same as maeda’s
2much4yah: it’s still bob cut
Jisei: i dunno i keep getting distracted at how pretty she is
Jisei: see! i find her pretty but shes not my oshi
2much4yah: she looks like a lizard to me
Jisei: *gasp*
Jisei: lizards can be pretty mac
2much4yah: kawaii lizard
2much4yah: from the sharp eyes and salty expression
Jisei: Hahaha this is not the way you should look when you are in a handshake event
Jisei: http://25.media.tumblr.com/b1ef3e5fad281531a09b3b8a0bcc19ed/tumblr_mhn21m4IJg1qkgmlgo1_1280.jpg
Jisei: its like she’s saying… ugh fine go ahead
Jisei: crap imma stop looking at paruru pics or imma get addicted
Jisei: thats how komi began
Jisei: smile here smile there its like shes fishing for fanboys and that smile is the bait
2much4yah: HAHA ima show you a footage why she’s famous for her salty treatment during handshake events.
Jisei: Who?
2much4yah: let me look for it in the forums
Jisei: Pawuwu? aw pawuwu isn’t happy in handshake events?
2much4yah: damn it! not again. youtube removed it
Jisei: tsss
2much4yah: every damn time. you watch a video and a few days later it’s gone
Jisei: Keepvid every moment we get
2much4yah: Imma try on youku
2much4yah: hha #youspeakthetruth
Jisei: #YOWO
Jisei: you only watch once
2much4yah: HAHA
2much4yah: I dont get youku, you search for something then suddenly you’re on soku, you click on the video and for some reason your on tudou.com
2much4yah: damn chinese websites


2much4yah: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/LL0ZPLceUmA/ here
2much4yah: they compare watanabe miyuki/milky and paruru during handshake events
Jisei: is that akimoto?
: he got fatter

2much4yah: milky is known as a tsurishi(釣り師), I think is the term
Jisei: milky cuz from Miruki as iin Miyuki
Jisei: Watanabe Miyuki
2much4yah: like the angler
2much4yah: it’s like fishing or hooking people
Jisei: wait what are we talking about
2much4yah: the term tsurishi
Jisei: oh
Watanabe Miyuki
2much4yah: cause she treats the people in her line so well during handshake events, they tend to come back. so in a sense being fished. being a good fisher = tsurishi
Jisei: Holy balls! that line

Jisei: you wait 2 hours for 10 sec
2much4yah: just keep watching until paruru’s haha
Jisei: wait is he famous?

Jisei: why is he wearing a mask?
2much4yah: he’s from mechaike
Jisei: idk what that is
2much4yah: a japanese variety show
Jisei: Oh… wtf paruru
shimazaki haruka

2much4yah: this vid is from a recent akb show, i’m not sure
Jisei: not even 10 sec
Jisei: haha good girl milky


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