AKB Discussion #2

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the SECOND AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is funny.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^


自生: I can’t get enough of Takamina saying “shanghai, singapore, hongkong, macau”
2much4yah: what vid are you watching?
自生: no just remembered Im looking for it right now its ANN(All Night Nippon) where she is with Maeda and Tomomi
自生: Ok found it
自生: ANN 101217 59:39
2much4yah: ohh haha, for me it’s when they read out the email, eikeibi attumaako all night nippon dotu komu
自生: hahaha
自生: should be your ringtone!

2much4yah:AKB48 Yuko Oshima Christmas 2012
自生: OH yay~
自生: if only i have a printer
2much4yah: did it make you go woah hha
自生: wo wo wo






自生: imma go on ahead and Christmasify our banner
2much4yah: lol
自生: yeah idk how to make it christmasy
自生: i just added a santahat on the S of SDB48

2much4yah: give it like ice/frozen effect.


自生: lol i did too much graphics on the banner the Photoshop crashed

2much4yah: lol
2much4yah: which one you working on?
自生: so in short
自生: not saved… gonna start over
2much4yah: the banner?
自生: yeah
自生: remember i’m trying to make it christmasy
自生: i was making a siluette what ever the spelling is a siluette of the cityscape of tokyo made from music bars
自生: you know in the screen when you play music there’s like bars moving up and down
自生: in the process there was too many lines… too many colors/gradient and it couldn’t take it
自生: it crashed

2much4yah: where was the silhouette of the bg from?
自生: Majisuka Gakuen!!

自生: its acutally an image
自生: i just turned it into silhouette… Silhouette!! THAT’S THE SPELLING!
2much4yah: of the 3 girls in lolita costumes
自生: yeah
自生: so is that really our color scheme?
自生: light-red and white?
2much4yah: i dunno what do you think? Initially I thought it was gonna be dark, like the current banner. like mimicking the darkness during their performances in theatres and concerts.
自生: hmmm
自生: so we stick with what we have?
自生: and i just add a santa hat on the letter S?
2much4yah: oh were you talking about the banner itself. I thought like the page as a whole. like a darker background
自生: ye just the banner
2much4yah: i dunno, Team A’s color is pink, K = Green, B = Blue, i dunno what team 4 and 8 are
2much4yah: 4 is yellow, 8 is dark blue apparently
自生: so… your decision is?
2much4yah は 退席中 です。(is Away)
状態がオフラインに設定されています。 (State is set to offline.)
2much4yah は オフライン です。(is offline)

. . . He fell asleep


自生: Im watching something thats similar to akbingo is this the first episode of the show before it gets called akbingo?
2much4yah: The first akbingo was called akb1:59
自生: oooh before wo wo wo(Bingo!) came out?
2much4yah: Then it changed to akb0:59 then akbingo
自生: yeha they changed it to akbingo after they released wo wo wo!
2much4yah: i dunno the intro song has always been aitakatta, bingo was for the promotions at the ending. I dunno when that started
自生: i read the background of the song Bingo! it said something about the song contribution to the show
自生: oh wait
自生: yeah… tsss… nvm they are singing Bingo right now, end of ep 1

自生: watching ep 2
2much4yah: I’ve only watched ep 1 hha, the format was too random and it didn’t have as much subbed ep as akbingo
自生: im still laughing my ass off i never laughed this hard in the lates akbingo eps
自生: mayuyu looks so thin here
2much4yah: yeah she has always been thin during her twin tail days
自生: shes still thin now but here she is WAAY~ thinner
自生: i didnt know they had a chubby member

2much4yah: what year was the show aired?
自生: 2008
2much4yah: lol that was a pretty long time ago
2much4yah: she was what? like 14 there
自生: oh
自生: but her face looks the same
自生: so this chubby member
she graduated already?

2much4yah: chubby member? who? noro kayo?

自生: idk lemme check
自生: Oh hahah yes
2much4yah: are you watching akb1:59? or akbshow?
自生: AKB show aired at oct 3 2013 bro
自生: Im watching AKB0:59
2much4yah: I got confused. So when you said you were watching ep 2? was it akb1:59? or akb show?
2much4yah: cause I was referring to earlier akb show when I said I only watched ep 1.
自生: lets see we were talking about Bingo being the basic to change the title to akbingo
自生: then i said I upload the psd files then i forgot to press send
自生: then my alibi for not pressing send is bcuz im watching ep 2
自生: i thought it was clear since i just told bout akbingo and said oh nvm they are singing it right now
自生: in ep 1
2much4yah: ahh i see
2much4yah: lol did you see tomochin/Itano tomomi
自生: yeah why?
2much4yah: she looks very different from how she does now
自生: wait in ep 2? or ep 1?
自生: oh
自生: i can’t tell
自生: well she’s like “BIGGER” now
2much4yah: oh wait it’s not from here lol. i’ll look for a pic and show you
自生: from what
自生: oh god damn it
自生: i was thinking about tomomi chiyuu
2much4yah: they’re both tomomi hha
自生: tomomi chiyuu was always big 😀
2much4yah: Itano and Kasai

2 Responses to “AKB Discussion #2”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I always liked that Lolita gang.


    • zweimac says:

      haha yeah me too. Here I thought a school setting full of female thugs beating the hell out of each other was cool enough, but then came some badass Lolita gang. I mean just thinking of them going to school with that get up is pretty amazing.


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