AKB48 SHOW! Episode 2

In case you don’t know about the show or  didn’t know its existence well that’s where I come in. Don’t worry this isn’t a review… erm sort of… but I promise there’s a torrent ready to download and I’ll be seeding it for as long as I can.

So Welcome to SDB48  I am 1/2 of the members of SDB48 you can call me Jisei.


Its become a routine that YUKO OSHIMA gets center when they sing “Heavy Rotation” but the biggest win for this episode is that Yokoyama Yui, Paruru, Mayuyu, Kitahara Rie  and Tano Yuuka are there! I mean those are in my top 10 Oshimen! Other than their exciting appearance, NMB48 performs “Kamonegix” which sounds like “SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO GO DOWNIts surprisingly good! Lets not forget the Skit that comes along with AKB48 Show which in this episode features HKT48. Followed by a little history lesson on AKB48, The creation of Team 4 and the word “Oshimen“. Lastly preview from the non-participants of the 34th Single Senbatsu Janken tournament. It was indeed a heart-racing event as one wouldn’t normally expect when hearing Janken tournament (for those not familiar with AKB’s Janken tournaments).

Proceed to the download Page in Hello-Online.org by clicking this image
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