AKB Discussion #1

HEY HEY~ Welcome to the first ever AKB DISCUSSION featuring Me, Jisei(自生) and my Co-Author, Zweimac(2much4yah)  where we share our conversation about Anything under AKB that is funny.  Basically this just parts of our conversation which we found to be entertaining. I hope you like it ^_^

PART 1 : Team A Oshi

自生: so Mayuyu was in Team B then Team A then Team B again?
2much4yah: yeah she was Team A in 2012 I think as replacement for Maeda when she graduated
自生: so lately I mean now… she is in team B now
2much4yah: yeah
自生: that means she wasn’t cute in 2012
2much4yah: I wished they would transfer her to Team K so her dancing would get better
自生: why she doesnt dance well?
2much4yah: yeah, she was supposed to be double center with jurina in UZA but got replaced by Yuko cause she couldn’t dance well
自生: then I’d want komiharu to be in team A so she can be more outgoing
自生: hmmm they should make a game
自生: like that
自生: to improve ur idol
自生: you switch her from team to team
2much4yah: lol
自生: like Akimoto Simulator

2much4yah: there’s psp games of akb48, they’re basically dating simulator

自生: yeah but that’s not managing an idol group simulator
2much4yah: like the confession video I showed you, it was for the game
自生: I wanna manage my own idol group
2much4yah: haha

自生: team B at the end sounds better than team Eh(team A)
2much4yah: yeah haha they kinda lack power as well
2much4yah: in the song
自生: yeah
自生: looking at them
自生: they lack…. well being cute’
2much4yah: hahah

PART 2: Dating tickets

8204721034_dfa28e365b_k2much4yah: im pretty sure I’ve seen one before
自生: no I mean the thing that makes you go WHOA…
自生: didn’t make me whoa
自生: but still…
2much4yah: woa woa woa

自生: is there like a Date event?
自生: like buy a ticket to get a date?
2much4yah: lol in our dreams
2much4yah: the dating sim is the closest you can get
自生: you know talk over a cup of coffee
自生: not like date date as in bf gf kind of thing
自生: just spend one moment, one nescafe
自生: you know
2much4yah: there was a tour once in disney or something you can go with your oshi along with 499 other fans
自生: along with 499 other fans… ‘
自生: 499
2much4yah: yeah hahahah
自生: how the hell do you even get to talk or spend time with your oshi
自生: the hell
自生: if its 5 people its alright
自生: 499
自生: jaysus

PART 3: Maeda Ami = Vanellope


自生: does SKT sing chinese akb songs?
2much4yah: SNH hha
自生: SNH
2much4yah: i dont know, I haven’t seen them perform yet
自生: god damn it
自生: that group always gets me mixed up
自生: oh btw
自生: earlier did u see the music video of Sugar rush?

2much4yah: i’ve seen it before, but didn’t watch it again
自生: haha why
自生: its cupcake mayuyu and cupcake yuko
2much4yah: their cosplay always confuses me
2much4yah: sometimes its hard to tell which is which
自生: but… kappu-keiki
2much4yah: hha
自生: but no cupcake maeda
2much4yah: Maeda Ami was to look like Penelope in sugar rush
2much4yah: said to look like*
自生: hmm i thinkk i’ll expand my idol knowledge to nogizaka
自生: maeda ami?
2much4yah: Matsui Rena is in concurrent in nogizaka
2much4yah: the eyebrow girl
自生: oh
2much4yah: look at her pic and compare it to penelope
自生: OMG SHe does look like penelope
自生: is this on purpose?
2much4yah: hha i dont think so
自生: oh dude
自生: vanellope not penelope
2much4yah: oh hahaha close enough
自生: haha now it really cant be unseen
2much4yah: hahaha
2much4yah: she will always be vanellope to us
2much4yah: lol she’s not even one of the people singing it
自生: yes she is
2much4yah: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_Rush_%28AKB48_song%29#AKB48_members_who_participated
自生: ….
2much4yah: she’s not even in the MV
自生: Matsui Rena isnt the eyebrow girl
2much4yah: haha
自生: you got things mixed up
2much4yah: dfq
自生: Matsui Rena is gekikara
2much4yah: but you were looking at the right pic though right?
2much4yah: yeah
自生: Maeda Ami
2much4yah: Maeda Ami is the eyebrow girl
自生: but scroll up
自生: you said
2much4yah: I said Matsui Rena is in Nogizaka
2much4yah: cause you said you were gonna expand to Nogizaka
自生: 2much4yah: Matsui Rena is in concurrent in nogizaka
          2much4yah: the eyebrow girl
自生: oh
2much4yah: before that I said Maeda Ami was said to look like penelope
自生: hmm… confused
自生: i am
2much4yah: yoda is that you?


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