How I Met AKB48

Kids, I’m gonna tell you an Incredible story. The story of how I met AKB48 or started being a Fan of AKB48. 3 years ago, before I was a Wotaku, I had this whole other life. It was way back in 2011. I was 19 just starting to make it as an Otaku and taking course in Digital Animation with my bestfriend Ian from Highschool. My life was good until Ian screwed the whole thing up…

Okay, he didn’t actually screwed the whole thing up. From being Anime enthusiasts, Ian took another interest. An interest that tore our friendship apart to its very core. We’re still best of friends though don’t worry. He took a liking to K-POP. Sure I saw their appeal I mean who wouldn’t get into “Girls Generation” I mean they are pretty girls dancing around in mini-shorts and tank tops. I wanted to be into the same thing except I thought to myself it should be Japanese. This is the time when I wanted to get into the Live Action side of Japanese Entertainment. I started watching Drama such as, Itazura na Kiss, Great Teacher Onizuka, Death Note, Mirai Nikki, Beck and Hana Yori dango. But it wasn’t enough it still had that Anime aspect. So i decided to check out some TV Variety shows and got a hold on My first few AKBingo! episodes but it was at episode 200-something and it wasn’t even subtitled. So I checked out one to three episodes and didn’t watch further since I had no idea what was happening in that show around that time. This was back in 2011 to 2012.

Long before I had stated my interest in Japan to my aunt who lived in Japan with her Japanese husband and back then they would ask me what do I like about Japan I said Anime and Music. You see my phone was filled with only songs from Anime Series. So they asked me which Japanese artist I liked best and of course this was a tough decision. They we’re asking you which artist is your favorite but you’ve only heard 1 song from each artist you know so what’s going on in your mind is “Which song do you like best?“. They could see that I’m having a hard time to choose so they helped by suggesting some names this is when I first heard of AKB48. They told me a few things about AKB48 but back then I didn’t really care. My Favorite Japanese artists were Suga Shikao and Suneohair. I just love singing to their tunes.

It was when the movie Wreck-It-Ralph came out and I watched it that I ever truly grew interest in AKB48. It was after hearing their song SUGAR RUSH. It had everything I was looking for it was like the songs being sung by Girls Generation but its in Japanese! I looked it up, got the song and That was my first AKB48 song I’ve ever heard in my life. However that was just the beginning. I have never seen the girls who sang it, I just knew the song and that it was sung by AKB48.

A year has passed and the movie Pacific Rim came out. If you haven’t watched it yet please check it out I loved it. Also It was the movie where I got my first Japanese Celebrity Crush, Rinko Kikuchi. Naturally I’d want to see more of her so I checked out her IMDB page and saw the list of Movies and Series she was in. She was in English movies in recent times and I wanted to see her in Japanese series so I came across the Japanese TV Series Moteki. I have friends who have the same interests as me when it comes to Anime but I told them about Live action drama series and no one bats an eye. So I ignored them and proceeded to go solo otaku on the Japanese drama, Moteki. After watching it I got really hooked. It was the first Japanese drama I had ever watched that wasn’t adapted from an Anime series and so I proceeded to watching a new Japanese live action drama series called 35-sai no koukousei. I loved it too it was like watching Great Teacher Onizuka but not exactly.

I skewered the internet for the next Japanese TV series I’d like to watch and that’s when it happened. I looked at the synopsis of this one drama and I got hooked instantly. “All girls school”, “Delinquents” , “Fighting” those words echoed in my head like… like… uhm WORDS ECHOING IN A HEAD. That TV Series is called MAJISUKA GAKUEN and had a cast composing of 95% AKB48 members. It was then I first saw my first Oshi, Yuko Oshima. Sure the series had a lot of hmm lets say loop holes where you as an audience question each event Why and How. But that didn’t stop me from watching. I saw improvement with each progressing episode and the Show did have really funny, memorable moments. And thus an AKB48 data folder was created in my mind. Basically the first AKB48 members i knew of are the ones featured in Majisuka Gakuen. I had no clue about Team A, Team K, Team B around that time nor the songs they sang and the wonderful concerts they performed but I had a foot stepped inside the wonderful world of AKB48.

In my circle of friends, little did I know that there is one that took interest in my suggestion in watching Majisuka Gakuen and that my dear readers is my co-Author of this blog site, Zweimac, our you can just call him Mac. My self discovery on AKB48 ends here. It was Mac who expanded my info on AKB48, got me to watch AKBINGO did you know he watched AKBINGO from the very first Episode shortly after getting hooked on AKB48? This guy truly is a hardcore fan I mean I only know a few members while mac…. mac has expanded his knowledge in HKT48. Read Mac’s Introduction when he posts it.

I guess that’s it Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll read more of our future posts.

2 Responses to “How I Met AKB48”
  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Thank you for posting about AKB48. I salute you sir.


    • Gisei says:

      YAAAY~ thank you for reading My Intro post, I salute you too. I’m sad you commented more on Zweimac’s Intro post than mine though. 😦
      I’m kidding. A- K- B- 48!!!!


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